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UN Announces Resumed Cease-Fire Talks in Libya Amid Continued Fighting



UN Chief

The United Nations announced on Wednesday that military talks on cease-fire have been resumed in Libya. UN welcomed this as a “positive first step.”

UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric informed that there was a meeting held between UN interim envoy Stephanie Williams and a five member delegation team that was representing the forces of military commander Khalifa Haftar. The spokesman further said that in coming days a meeting with UN recognized Government of National Accord would be held. 

Dujarric said, “Negotiations will continue on the cease-fire agreement and associated arrangements on the basis of the draft presented by the UN mission to both delegation on February 23 this year.”

Dujarric stressed on the mission of UN in region to try and de-escalate the situation through peaceful talks with both the parties, agreeing on a truce to create a condition of negotiations and much needed trust between them. 

The UN mission based in Libya announced on Tuesday that both the rival parties had agreed for resuming talks after almost 3 months of suspension. 

Since April 2019, however, there have been escalated fighting, particularly near the capital Tripoli. Tripoli has been a target of attacks by Haftar’s forces which are eastern-based. 

On Wednesday, post heavy fighting against loyal troops of Haftar, GNA reportedly has retaken the Tripoli’s international airport. 

The conflict between rival parties GNA and Haftar’s army has led to hundreds of deaths with large number of civilian deaths, and more than 200,000 displaced people.

Many foreign countries have come out in support of either party since last year. While UAE, Russia and Egypt support Haftar’s camp, Turkey has shown its support towards GNA by military intervention. 


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