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UN says, dangers of a “biblical proportion famine” are possible after the coronavirus pandemic



UN says, dangers of a “biblical proportion famine” are possible after the coronavirus pandemic

The worldwide spread of COVID-19 this year is the most noticeably deadly health crisis ever experienced by humanity. UN’s World Food Program chief David Beasley cautions all nations that they are about to confront a widespread famine “of biblical proportions” because of the consequence of the coronavirus pandemic.” We’re already in the middle of a storm, and the worst is yet to come, he added.

Even before the Covid-19 emergency, Beasley was speaking to many nations for donating and to keep adequate food supply stocks. Many countries are suffering from natural calamities like a locust plague, earthquakes, global warming, and drying of rivers, which continues to put a severe strain on food systems.

Famine is a real and terrible possibility as the aftermaths of the coronavirus pandemic are close. More than thirty nations in the developing world could encounter great famine, and ten countries among them are almost on the edge of starvation, Beasley stated.

It’s tough to gauge the extremity of Covid-19 and the damage it’s caused to the global economy, and healthcare systems. John Hopkins University data says, worldwide 2, 58,930 positive cases, 1, 78,271 died. If we accumulate funds and keep the supply chains open, we may be able to avoid a famine, Beasley stated.

The Chief of the UN’s World Food Program also cautioned the world leaders that inevitably and gradually the coronavirus catastrophe will result in a large scale famine if we do not act quickly. Lockdowns and global economic slowdown have already decimated the world. He encouraged nations to collect $2bn (£1.6bn) aid that was pledged so that under these circumstances, we can stay prepared. He added that more funding would be required to set up the logistics network as a precautionary measure.

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