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US Ambassador slams Germany after hesitation on Hormuz mission




On Thursday, the US envoy Richard Grenell had launched a severe assault on Chancellor Angela Merkel’s administration, for its hesitance to join the marine mission in the Strait of Hormuz. He also said that Europe’s most vital economy must realize its global responsibilities.

Relations between the United States and Germany have turned sour since US President Donald Trump took office. Due to the many differences on various significant issues from trade to defense expenses, and Iran.

As per Arab News, Heiko Maas, the German Foreign Minister ruled out German support in a proposed US-led naval mission to the Strait of Hormuz, near Iran, after the US said it had made a formal appeal. The US envoy said Germany needed to ease strains with Iran and to avoid further escalation.

Ambassador Richard Grenell, in an interview with the Augsburger Allgemeine newspaper said that Germany is the most significant financial power in Europe. This achievement brings global responsibilities. He added that the United States had been attempting to get support from Germany for a considerable length of time for the military mission in the Strait of Hormuz. Therefore, it’s disappointing to see that Germany is hesitant in taking part in the mission.

The defense minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, stated in Brussels that Germany was “studying” the proposal, striking a gentler tone than Maas.

Other reasons added to the tensions on Wednesday, as US Senate committee passed a bill to strike sanction on businesses, including a few German firms, and people engaged in the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia to Germany.

 Grenell told the newspapers that America had yielded a great deal to enable Germany to remain some portion of the West, including Americans were paying colossal wholes for 34,000 soldiers to be posted in Germany. Grenell has sought debate since he arrived in Berlin with his outspoken perspectives and critical analysis of Germany. According to international news.


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