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US ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman resigns



Jon Huntsman

Jon Huntsman, whose two-year term as the US envoy to Russia has been described by conflicts with the Kremlin, is venturing down with a firm signal of “beyond reconciliation” divisions among Washington and Moscow and a notice to hold “Russia responsible when its conduct undermines our allies and us.” reported by international media.

As per the Salt Lake Tribune, Huntsman stated in his resignation letter that he was esteemed by the trust Trump set in him “during this tough time in the bilateral relations.”

Huntsman served as the governor of Utah twice and planned to go back to the US on 3 October. In his resignation letter, he mentioned that he needed to come back to his home state “to rejoin with family and duties.”

Frictions between the two supreme governments mostly undermined Huntsman’s term in Moscow. The day he started his tenure, Russia ousted many US representatives in counter for US sanctions.

The secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, at that time cautioned that the relations between the two nations were at its worst point since the cold war. Therefore, the Trump administration has shown slight achievement in improving them.

After the awkward summit in Helsinki between Trump and Vladi­mir Putin in 2018, critics asked for Huntsman’s resignation.

Huntsman’s resignation letter stressed on the president of Russia’s history of disregarding human rights and dishonoring the freedom of its neighbors. He likewise forewarned Trump against the sort of “reset” with Russia that embarrassed the Obama government. He also added, “No reset or restart is going to serve, only a reasonable comprehension of our affairs and values and a practical structure for continued talks.”

As reported by CNN, Trump, and Putin a week ago talked about the requirement for another US ambassador in Russia during a phone call. Though the White House has denied the subject.

As per Guardian, He served for five presidents and put himself up as a 2012 Republican candidate, and it was not apparent whether Huntsman was a magnanimous public servant or a smart people pleaser. A White House official stated to the Salt Lake Tribune that “We all acknowledge and applaud Huntsman’s service as US ambassador to Russia and his commitment towards making US-Russia relations better.”


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