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US Ambassador to South Korea Expresses Desire to Resign



US Ambassador to South Korea Expresses Desire to Resign

United States Ambassador to South Korea Harry Harris said that he’s not going to remain in office after the US presidential election.

The ambassador said that he wants to remain in office until November, and not continue his activities, even if Trump wins the election.

Neither the US State Department nor the US Embassy in Seoul has given official comments on this matter.

It is noted that Harris’ tenure as ambassador was at a time of aggravation of the contradictions between the United States and South Korea. In particular, in December 2019, protesters broke portraits of Harris during a demonstration and chanted: “Harris! We are not a colony of the USA! ”
Harris did not expect this because both countries, as allies, usually always try to smile after negotiations, even if they have disagreements.

Note that Seoul and Washington continue to disagree over the distribution of military spending. Earlier, the South Korean side intended to separately raise the issue of the wages of South Korean employees of American military bases, but the US Department of State adheres to the position of a comprehensive discussion of all issues.

Recall that in March last year, the parties signed the 10th agreement on payment for the deployment of US troops on the peninsula in the amount of about $ 1.16 billion. The agreement entered into force on April 5 last year, expired on December 31, 2019.

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