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US continues to stay ‘focused on’ stopping ISIS resurgence in Iraq



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The US says it stays focused on supporting Iraq fronting an ISIS resurgence, regardless of heightening pressures with Iran, The National reported.

In Dec 2017, the Iraqi government announced victory over ISIS, and the US-led alliance captured the terror groups’ last area in Syria last March. However, ISIS continues to make attacks in the two nations.

A State Department official told The National that the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS “stays committed, alongside Iraqi security powers, to our mutual objective of vanquishing ISIS.”

The authority stated that the alliance kept on having counsels in the operations focuses of a few territories and has usual meetings with Iraqi security powers.

“The US has clarified the significance of the proceeded presence of the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS in Iraq,” the authority stated, the National reported.

“We have battled together with Iraq against ISIS to free 100 percent of ISIS’s regional control, empower important stabilization actions, and encourage the return of a great many Iraqis back home.”

The reaffirmation of help comes after a long time when the US launched a drone attack near Baghdad air terminal that killed Iranian general Qassem Suleimani.

After the attack, Iraq’s Parliament passed a non-restricting resolution asking the legislature to remove foreign troops. Sunni and Kurdish government officials boycotted the referendum.

The US has around 5,200 soldiers positioned on different bases around the nation to help security powers battle ISIS. Their primary concern is to prepare Iraqi forces.

The government authority stated that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo “concurs there should be a discussion between Iraq and the US, including finance, security, and political partnership.”

Brett McGurk, the former American diplomat for the anti-ISIS alliance, said for the current month that the withdrawal of US troops could leave the nation helpless against ISIS resurgence.

On Sunday, the German military stated it had continued its operations in northern Iraq after they were halted after the killing of Suleimani.

The Global Coalition against ISIS was shaped in September 2014, and it had around 81 members that work to disassemble the group’s systems, monetary foundation.

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