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US Diplomat Altered Testimony Confirms ‘Quid Pro Quo’ In Trump Impeachment Enquiry



Gordan Sondland, a US diplomat In Trump Impeachment Enquiry

Gordan Sondland, a US diplomat has now revealed that he had already warned the Ukrainian officials that US aid was being withheld due to American President’s ‘ulterior’ motives.

Revising his earlier testament to Trump’s impeachment inquiry, Sondland said that Ukraine might not get the nearly $400 million in security aid unless they pursued investigations demanded by President Donald Trump.

On the pretext of ‘refreshed’ memory, the US ambassador to the European Union, Sondland, changed his initial statement given to a Democratic led impeachment inquiry congressional hearing behind closed doors.

With these new details, the earlier testament of the witnesses has been corroborated and the case against Trump becomes strong. Whether or not Sondland is turning sides to save his skin, is something which also remains debatable and questionable.

Talking on the sides of Trump, the White House has said that Sondland transcript cannot be taken to be authentic and definitely undermines the impeachment inquiry. White House spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham has pointed to Sondland’s ‘inability’ to say who ordered the aid to Ukraine be withheld and that he admitted he “presumed” there was a link between the demand for a statement from the Ukrainians and releasing the aid.

In his previous testimony, he said that was not aware of any link between the withholding of funds and Biden investigations prompted through Ukraine. With an altered statement, he now becomes the fourth in a row to have confirmed a ‘purported quid pro quo.’

The impeachment inquiry was initiated in July this year, after calls were discovered made by Trump to the Ukrainian Prime Minister, insisting him to go an extra mile, to favor a possible probe into the personal life of Joe Biden, a front-runner for Presidential candidacy in 2020 elections.

The Democrats then pushed for investigations stating that this amounted to an abuse of presidential power designed to boost Mr. Trump’s re-election prospects.


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