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US Diplomat Spill Beans Over American Negligence In Syrian Peace Mission



William V. Roebuck, United States Ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain

The senior American diplomat assigned to Northern Syria has been vocal in expressing his dissatisfaction over how the Trump administration did not do enough to deter the Turkish invasion of Syrian parts.

William V. Roebuck has further commented on how Turkish-backed militia fighters committed “war crimes and ethnic cleansing.”

Active since 2017, they are also known as the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and is has had the Turkish backing. They are the main non-Turkish Armed Forces component of Operation Euphrates Shield. Till date, their wages are paid by the Turkish government and they continue to operate alongside the Turkish Armed Forces.

It is therefore no surprise that they may have been on an ethnic cleansing spree, something that Turkey would eventually indulge into, once it has complete control over the Safe Zone. The long term strategy is to use Syrian rich oil reserves and convert the more than 3 million Syrian refugees to Ankara’s own favour.

In a more than 3000 word memo, the diplomat has pointed out that stringent economic sanctions, tougher American diplomacy and increased military patrols would have definitely led to push back Ankara from the open offensive against once US backed Kurdish forces.

Roebuck is a young and respected diplomat who served as a former United States ambassador to Bahrain aswell. He sent the unclassified memo on October 31 to a dozen US officials including James F. Jeffrey (the State Department’s special envoy on Syria policy), State Department, White House and Pentagon officials who work on Syria issues. Providing clear insight into the matter, he has pointed out that one reason to why Turkey could not have been deterred is because the American military presence was too less at two border outposts, in comparison to Turkey’s decades-long standing as a NATO ally and its formidable army massing at the Syrian frontier.

The detailed memo has not received a response but the State Department definitely condemning Ankara’s actions as selfish motive driven complications that have ruined the Syrian peace efforts.


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