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US Further Slaps China With Sanctions For ‘Brothering’ Up Iran



Mike Pompeo delivers keynote remarks at United Against Nuclear Iran’s 2019 Iran Summit

Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo has finally communicated that the US has now sanctioned six Chinese entities and five of the top brass of these entities for violating the unilateral sanctions levied by America on Iran.

The Trump administration has been putting pressure on nations for not doing business with Iran and that any alliance with the nation, will be looked as a step to go against the sanctions levied by America on Tehran.

Iran has been sharing economical relations with most of those countries that are currently fighting one or the other kind of civil war. Most of the EU nations or middle eastern countries have not shown any inclination to buy oil from this oil and uranium rich nation.

Pompeo has further indicated that the United States will also come heavily on the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and move towards separating it from its many commercial entities.

In mid April, the United States had given out a hard long message of non-tolerance against any nation who bought oil from Iran. Even that time, China was defiant.  Speaking to the media the US envoy to Iran, Brian Hook has said that this move is important in the light of the fact that “Iran does have a history of using front companies to evade sanctions and enrich the regime and fund its foreign adventurism,” adding that Iran routinely violates maritime law to hide its oil exports.  

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