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US Trade adviser defends Trump’s strategy for farmers hurt by US-China trade war



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“This President has the backs of farmers,” said Peter Navarro, White House trade adviser, while defending President Trump’ s commitment to American farmers on Sunday.

US farmers are concerned about the US-China trade war, that includes dealy in buying tractors and other equipment. According to a report of Deere, the agriculture equipment company, the overall revenue fell 3% from last year.

The results “reflected the high degree of uncertainty that continues to overshadow the agricultural sector,” said Samuel Allen, Deere’s CEO, in a statement.

Farmers hurt by US-China trade war will be given $ 14.5 billion by the Trump administration by the end of August as the second round of help.

China’s retaliatory tariffs hit farmers hard by putting proceeding a range of commodities including soybeans, corn, and wheat, received about $10 billion in aid last year.

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