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US troops put at risk as Qatar allegedly funds Hezbollah movement, a new dossier claims




Thousands of US troop stations in the emirate have been put at risk as the Qatar monarchy has allegedly financed weapons deliveries to the international terrorist organization Hezbollah.

According to a new dossier, which is also verified by on-site Fox news team, the Gulf state funding has risked over 10,000 US troops stationed in the region. Al Udeid military base is host to headquarters of US Central Command and also US Air Force Squadrons in the Gulf country.

The rattling disclosure of the funding by Qatar monarchy to Hezbollah was made by a private security contractor, Jason G., who penetrated the weapons procurement business network in Qatar as a sting operation. He was sought for the operation by Qatar’s Ambassador to Belgium and NATO, Abdul rahman bin Mohammed Sulaiman al-Khulaifi, for which he payed Jason 750,000 euros.

On Tuesday, Jason told the Fox News that a “member of the royal family” had authorized and funded the delivery of weapons hardware to the Hezbollah, the terrorist organization in Lebanon designated for US and EU. According to the dossier by Jason G., the Qatar royal family member has an alleged role in funding and authorizing various terror activities since at least 2017.

Hezbollah, a Lebanon-based terrorist organization is a proxy for Iranian Shia militia. The group was established in Lebanon back in 1982, by the Teheran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC). The organization remains largely dependent on Iran for finance and support. Thousands of deaths of US military personnel in Iraq and Lebanon has been attributed to the group.

Jason G. also relayed the information regarding his meet with al-Khulaifi in Brussels back in January 2019 when the latter allegedly said, “The Jews are our enemies.” The role function of Jason while on sting operation was to get information regarding the weapon procurement and role of Qatar royal family in the same. He was also told of his role for “Qatar to stop funding extremists.” Belgium and NATO haven’t yet responded on the Ambassador’s role in the sting operation.

The latest discoveries regarding Qatar monarchy’s role in funding world’s most dangerous terrorist organization has cast fresh doubts on the apparent anti-terror partnership with the United States. Post the discovery of latest dossier details, the European Union has called for a swift reaction and crackdown on Qatar’s network of funding and aiding the Hezbollah terror activities.

Nathalie Goulet, French Senator who led investigation into jihadi networks in Europe said, “We must have a European policy regarding Qatar and especially be careful with its financing of terrorism. Belgium must ask the EU for an investigation and freeze all Qatari bank accounts in the meantime.”


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