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US, UK condemns China’s Trampling Hong Kong Democracy; Beijing warns Against Interference in Internal Affairs



Hong Kong

Hong Kong, which has been racked by pro-democracy protests since last year, lost the very the basis of its fight after Chinese Parliament passed the controversial national security law on Thursday. The legislation would allow Chinese security forces to control the city, in order to keep check on ‘any acts or activities’ of separatism, subversion, or terrorism, which could endanger the country’s security. The new law would make undermining China’s authority over an otherwise autonomous democratic territory, a punishable crime. 

As soon as the bill became law, though internally Beijing’s Great Hall of the People echoed with applause, globally the criticism against the Beijing’s hegemony shot up rampantly. Critics saw the new security law as an newly welded weapon by the Chinese to be used to silence any protest, dissident or political opposition. US and UK leaders openly objected to the law which cuts back the city’s freedom. 

US President Donald Trump, has take the matter to United Nations Security Council, while UK government offered to give citizenship to the British National (Overseas) passport. holders. There are about 350,000 BNO passport holders in Hong Kong, who hold the right to travel to the UK for up to six months without a visa.

Hong Kong, a former British colony, was handed over to China under the 1997 agreement, which set reinstating the city’s autonomy as one of the precondition for the transfer of control.

Besides US, UK, Australia, and Canada, European Union governments also joined in criticising the new Chinese law and expressing “grave concern” over its implementation. The EU’s top diplomat Josep Borrell said, “We believe that this seriously risks undermining the one country, two systems principle (referring to China disregarding Hong Kong’s autonomy). ” He added, “Our relationship with China is based on mutual respect and trust but this decision calls this into question.”

On Friday, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian warned countries against criticising the new legislation and called it “purely an internal Chinese matter” and that “no other country has the right to interfere”. Zhao referred the US taking the matter to UNSC as “pointless”. He said: “We urge the US to immediately stop such pointless political manipulation and do something useful for the international community.” Zhao added, “We will take necessary measures to resolutely counter the wrong acts of external forces interfering in Hong Kong affairs.” 


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