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Venezuela’s government blames ‘electromagnetic attack’ for the blackout




Venezuela’s government blamed an ‘electromagnetic attack’ for the blackout that left more than half of the country without power this Monday.

This is the first blackout that included Caracas after the one in March. At the time, the government pointed to the United States and the opposition for a series of outages that left millions of people without power exacerbating an deep crisis that halved the country’s economy.

While the government is already acting to re-establish the service, Jorge Rodriguez, Information Minister, said that the problem was caused by an ‘electromagnetic attack’, but he didn’t provide any evidence or details.

Over 4 million Venezuelans have been forced to leave the country has its hyper inflationary economic crisis has lead to shortage of medicines and food and according to the opposition, the Venezuelan national power grid has not been adequately maintained for years and has fallen into disrepair.


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