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Vice President Eshaq Jahangiri: Iran’s foreign policy is to confront US dominance



Eshaq Jahangiri

Iran’s foreign policy is to confront the US dominance, and secure multilateralism, Iranian Vice President Eshaq Jahangiri announced on Monday, including that its decrease of duties under the nuclear deal could be modified if other parties maintained their side of the agreement.

Iran and the US had a series of tensions since long; recently they were on the verge of war when the Islamic Republic shot down a US drone, nearly inciting a retaliatory assault by the United States.

The foreign policy of Iran is to secure multilateralism and confront the US dominance,” Jahangiri stated. According to international media.

Since President Trump pulled back the United States from the 2015 atomic deal and reimposed sanctions on Iran recently, the relationship between Iran and Washington turned ugly.

 Jahangiri stated that Iran’s reduction of promises under the deal could be modified if the rest of the signatories to the agreement keep their vows. According to Arab News. Iran hopes the rest of the signatories could accomplish more to counter the result from the US withdrawal.


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