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Violence in Hong Kong intensifies: senior China official




It’s been sixty days to Hong Kong crisis and there is no sign of relief being reported. Also, the Chinese officials said the impact of violence is spreading wider on society.

Hong Kong, which has been fighting against controversial extradition bill, now poses a big challenge in front of Chinese President Xi Jinping who is engaging with a trade war with the US and a slowing economy.

Zhang Xiaoming, one of the most senior Chinese officials overseeing Hong Kong affairs, held a forum on Wednesday to discuss the political crisis in Hong Kong which included Hong Kong delegates to China’s parliament, the National People’s Congress and China’s main consultative body, the CPPCC. No opposition democratic figures or protest representatives were invited.

There was nothing specific mentioned in Zhang speech, however, he spoke about deploying the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), which has a militia in Hong Kong, to suppress the unrest, with Zhang cited as saying Beijing remained confident in the Hong Kong government and local police.

Protestors, million in numbers, are on the streets in opposition to an extradition bill that would see prisoners tried in mainland courts controlled by the Communist Party. Many worried it would undermine Hong Kong’s independent judiciary and was another step towards full mainland control of Hong Kong.

Several thousand Hong Kong lawyers dressed in black, walked in silence on Wednesday to call on the government to protect the independence of the city’s department of justice.


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