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Whistleblower To Testify Against Trump’s Misuse Of Power In Ukraine



Donald Trump speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference

It seems the Democrats have caught Trump by his teeth as a willful whistleblower witness has now agreed to testify against the US President giving more meaning and weight to the Democratic driven impeachment move.

The witness is confirmed to testify at the House soon, but his identity will be guarded and personal protection ensured, confirmed the House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff has confirmed to the media.

The witness is known to be working for the Central Intelligence Agency. Post receiving security clearance from his attorney, the House will set a timetable for concluding the investigations.

The whistleblower has said to have disclosed how President Trump has used his power of his office to coerce Ukrainian government to investigate a political rival whose son was once working for a well-known oil and gas company.

On the matter of keeping the witness’s identity anonymous, there are evident challenges, but his lawyer does suggest to arrange a special meeting at the Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) and keep the number media limited to that access.  

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