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Why Canada Must Not Depend On China For Covid-19 Vaccine?




Canada’s reliance on China for a Corona virus vaccine is leaving everyone in jitters In May it seemed that Canada was a front runner in getting a Covid-19 vaccine. But till date, it has not been able to secure the vaccine for its people. It dependency on China might leave it in an embarrassing position. Strangely, despite the two nations not having a healthy relationship in the last few months, there is news of Canada having partnered with CanSino Bio.

The company is apparently aligned to the Chinese military. While the company has been known to have introduced the Ebola vaccine in 2017, its credibility when it comes to partnership with Canada looks dubious. Sources confirm that the vaccine has still not reached Canada.

In fact, CanSino Bio has provided the first lot to the Chinese military, while the cells had been provided by Canada’s National Research Council. Strangely, the Phase 3 trials for a successful Covid -19 vaccine are already starting worldwide. But Canada still does not have the vaccine in its hands. Additionally, the Chinese company in question has also been granted a patent for the same vaccine.

There have been rumous that China already had its cure in place and that the virus was its invention, to start with. When Australia and certain other nations asked for their teams to be sent for further investigation, Beijing has been vicious and responded back in terms of trade sanctions.

No wonder, the whole world is shunning China for its irresponsible and dubious behavior towards the management of the vaccine and the virus. The virus could have been arrested on the onset in August 2019, when local doctors in Wuhan tried to warn the government about it. But his warnings were ignored and he later lost his life to the virus itself.

Apparently, researchers also believe that there might be a ‘purposeful’ delay by the customs which has prevented the vaccine from reaching Canada. This has become another point for the opposition to raise a finger against the leadership of Justin Trudeau in Canada and that whether tax payers are really aware of where their money is really being invested.

It is worth noting that CanSino owns all the intellectual property rights of the vaccine it develops and it might not be easy for Canada to get exclusive rights to the formula after all. Other nations however like Australia have asked University of Oxford for help. The university is already partnering with Astra Zeneca to develop an effective Corona virus vaccine.


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