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Why Has America Been Selective About Military Withdrawal From Germany?




The American President Donald Trump is a thorough businessman and he has proven this time and again; but this unbecoming behaviour of a country’s leader couldn’t have been glaring so much in your face as is it now when Trump has decided to withdraw troops from Germany.

It has been confirmed by official sources that the US has taken this stance because of the fact that Germany has not invested in defense purchases with America as much as the latter would have deemed appropriate.

The US has decided to bring back 6400 troops and reassign another 5400 to other countries reducing the strength in Germany to 25000 American troops. This, the US officials says is in tune with a new plan at the Pentagon which implies billions of dollars of investment and years of completion.

According to Mark Esper, the US Secretary of Defense, the current U.S. European Command plan desires troops be reassigned to other more important locations like Russia and support NATO.

The whole movement speaks for a NATO commitment to spend a certain percentage of its GDP towards military spending. In 2019, at a NATO meeting in London, Trump had signed this to the German Chancellor Angela Merkel that Germany was not keep its promise on its defense spending as decided in 2014.

As an understanding reached in Wales in 2014, all NATO partner nations had to pay a stipulated amount of money as a part of their military spending in order to receive military support from the U.S.

The US might be purposefully putting pressure on Germany for it to increase its military spending. But it leaves the latter in a precarious position because Germany’s economy hangs by loose threads post the pandemic led recession.

However, the US also knows it cannot afford to desert Germany completely because the latter is a hub for the U.S. operations in the Middle East and Africa. So, it has decided to still keep nearly half the forces in Europe.

This gives out a clear indication that will alleviate the American allies without having to completely withdraw 10,000 troops out of the region. By spreading forces into the east, this also sends a message to Russia that the U.S. is not reducing its commitment to region and remains ready to protect Eastern Europe from any Moscow aggression.


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